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Poems by Anonymous

This place is where the timid can sound their mighty yawp from the rooftops. It is where shy writers can submit their poems or short stories anonymously (or unanonymously, if you prefer) and have poetry-lovers see and love and embrace your work.

All of the poems/stories you see here are written by aspiring creators, like yourself.

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Apr 18 '14

The boy stood on the deck,
It was quarter to on a Friday,
So his pocket watch read,
His shirt buttons popped
And mind unlocked
Braces cracked 
And trews took aback

Now no mother could cope,
With such a timid, boy like he
Whom was incredibly

Apr 16 '14

no where to hide on this fast life ride but a bottle of pills that kills and wastes my life away.

cant get away, no knee jerk escape except a sack of dope that ropes me into pretend delight.

prevented still by a broken will. unheard screams in nightmare dreams. reduced to a puddle of shit.

wont forgive the life ive lived. painful memories remind me of the hell ive put you through.

forever view the dark stain of the pain, the black days and the craze of the ways ive fucked us up.

torn up my heart its broken apart. made to bleed thats my creed ill wallow in my shit.

ran you around i broke you down never mind pet of mine youre not the only one

Apr 16 '14

A pink moon.

A pink moon. 

It was a forbidden love from long ago. Still whispering softly after years and years. It won’t stop until it winds around again, dangerously entangling two lives separate. Her heart skips a beat, hasn’t done this since years long gone past. What is this!?! She suddenly can’t stop the fluttering, she smiles, remembering innocent tender embraces. His plump rosy childish lips. Hers. So similar they were bound by the laws of the universe to meet again, no amount of time or distance could keep them apart. Secret lovers, unbearably passionate that no one but they alone will ever understand. And she waits. Because she knows the power of this and the inevitable. She waits with a hidden smile of joy in her heart. Waiting for his words that will cover her body. They only need a quick glance, to know that yes! This does exist! A forbidden love that can only be allowed to entwine once in a pink moon. To spare the heartbreak it would cost to others, and knowing that only this way would it ever feel like this any way, to meet more than once in a pink moon would destroy the pureness of this, thing. To remain hidden, known only to the two of them. But this passion makes them to better love the one who awaits at home. The rock at home that each needs to hang on to because to let their wild hearts go recklessly would break them forever. Break the rocks and these star-crossed lovers. Only once when a pink moon comes about, and the universe is forced to unite two hearts again in their strange entangled lives.

Apr 16 '14


As a child, I was very proprietary towards everything I owned. I would play for endless hours outside, alone. I let the other children who saw me stare in awe at my dolls but never let them play, let alone touch what I owned. One morning, my mother talked to me about my other toys (by which, she meant those dolls I never really played with anymore, crystalline eyes and lacy gowns collecting a fine sheen of dust in the glass cabinet.) I considered it, of course. I even went as far as helping my mother pick out the ones I didn’t like and I began to enumerate the reasons why. It started out with significant reasons, one was missing a porcelain limb, an eye seemed to hang from a loose stitch and in another there was an irreparable crack in the head. And then I started out listing trivial and insignificant reasons mentally. A button was missing in a dress, sapphire blue eyes didn’t seem so glassy anymore and another was so dusty that creamy white skin had turned into beige. And so, with this list that went on and on in my head, I started to take them out of the glass cabinet and gathered them in a pile. That was when my mother invited some children inside. I saw the naked wonder and pure happiness shining in their eyes as they gaped. One child immediately rushed to the pile to pick up the doll that had the worst damages from being played with so much over time. I don’t know why, but I got up as immediate and fast as the child who had rushed to my dolls and stopped her eager hand from holding the doll. And for a reason unbeknownst to me, I wailed and threw a tantrum when I couldn’t stop the girl as she clutched the doll close to her chest. That was when my mother pulled me away and firmly told me that I should learn to give. When I didn’t stop crying though, she made me go to my room. When all the children had gone, cheeks ruddy from excitement and eyes twinkling, my mother taught me the concept of giving to other people. But it seems I hadn’t really learned. All I understood was the concept of letting go and how hard it was. Understand that this is how I feel about you. You were mine once. I may have rejected you because of the many faults you had that damaged us so much over time but letting you go was never a choice, it was already made for me before I even decided it. And so, this is what I must accept and learn. I’ll learn to let you go, eventually. I won’t have that fleeting memory of that girl holding what was once mine and I won’t even flinch if you’re in someone else’s arms now. I guess I should thank you, in a way. You taught me what a simple yet vital lesson in my childhood cannot. I have finally learned to let go. And yes, eventually give you away.

Apr 16 '14

Just go.

I am going to let you go now,

even though my heart holds on…

…my hands will not keep their grasp any longer-

- For they cannot,

As time passes by I let it go – slipping through my fingers like sand…

…and you are carried with it, dear friend;

Oh, but the feeling, how it remains-

My heart is as stubborn as ever,

Dear friend,

My eyes too, now circled with the dust of passing years,

They continue to search for you-

Wherever I go, I still scan the crowd –

For your face alone

Your eyes,

the ones that glimmered with the greatest of stars –

I cannot forget! O, the endless regret!

But I will never impact on your freedom,

I promise –

With something stronger than even my longing;

I am letting you go-

You are well and truly free, my friend,

May your life lead you to your dreams -

While I only dream of your happiness,

- May all of yours come true.

Apr 16 '14

How did I end up here, Alone one hour from home. Blocked, weeping. I thought the trees would work, That they were the solution, But oxygen is not my problem.

Apr 16 '14


Silent pleading eyes

A sickness of the heart

Most miserable of hope

Riving soul apart

His sweetness like a siren

Beautifully alluring

Captivating careless

Brokenness ensuring

Unrequited love

A deep affection spurned

True love is only beautiful

When it is returned. 

Mar 31 '14

The Great Enemy

Stand still Sun

and do not let run

that repulsive rhyme

we call Time.

Round and round She goes.

We the victims of Her blows.

Mar 31 '14

His Hand

It rests.

Sitting on my thigh, it is

Still, almost disinterested.

The film plays in front of us,

And as I glance right I see him watching.

I turn forward.

I try to watch too.

After all, he might want to talk about it later.

But even as I watch the screen,

All I see is his hand.

Still, almost disinterested.

Still, the most distracting touch I have ever felt.

The audience laughs.

I breathe out to disguise my oblivion.

His little finger twitches slightly.

My heart stops.

Mar 31 '14

out of place

in this house I’ve lived in

for 15 years

i feel out of place

in this city I’ve lived in

for 15 years

i feel out of place

in this country I’ve lived in

for 15 years

i feel out of place

in this world I’ve lived in

for 15 years

i feel out of place

in this universe I’ve existed in

for 15 years

i feel out of place

but in all these places i live and exist

i do not feel out of place

i AM out of place